Protect your competitive edge

Oiva Consulting is a small boutique consulting firm that helps our customers to stay competitive in a changing world. Our services start from efficiency consulting and data analysis to strategic situation reviews and recommendations.

Marko Halonen is the main consultant in the company and specific expertise is brought into projects as needed from his extensive network.


Our services

We offer results driven project management
pragmatic and effective business development
and world class business analysis

Project management

We often work as outsourced project managers for our end customers or for other consultancy firms. In those positions we bring in our expertise from various industries and dozens of very challenging projects to create focus and results.

Business development

The goals for these projects vary a lot. They can be anything from making sure mergers generate benefits to redesigning and implementing new production processes. On strategy level we very often work on making sure that already decided strategies are actually implemented in operations. Very often strategy execution fails because the required footwork is simply not done.

Process development

Streamlining processes is often the simplest route to improvements in the whole business. We are dogma-free and take good practices from Lean, 6σ, Agile etc. exactly as suits each particular client.

KPIs & Dashboards

When anyone comes to work in the morning they should have a view where they can see what has happened yesterday, what is happening now and what should be done. KPIs and dashboards are always developed with people to answer their real needs.

Predictive models

Past data can only take you so far. We develop predictive models to forecast what will probably happen. Methods used range from simple trend lines to machine learning models and their deployment.

Data analysis

Very often companies have huge mountains of data that they do not have the time or capacity to utilize properly. Analysis of this under-utilized data can point to simple and fast business improvements.

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